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About San Felipe

San Felipe is located in the central part of Zambales bounded on the North by Cabangan, on the South by San Narciso, on the East by San Marcelino and Botolan, on the West by the vast South China Sea. It has a total land area of 11,159.88 hectares. The total area of San Felipe represents 2.79 percent of the whole area of Zambales which is 3,714.4 square kilometers.

From the mountain on the eastern side of San Felipe several rivers converge into Agpa Lake, where the Agpa irrigation is located. The Sukit lake and Nilasan Lake are also found in the town. Rivers include the Sto. Tomas river. and the Maloma river.

The municipality of San Felipe is politically sub-divided into 11 barangays. There are six barangays within the town proper which were formerly call districts and there are five barangay outside the town proper which is considered rural areas. Among these barangays, Balincaguing is the remotest , found in the eastern portion of the town which is about 8.15 kilometers form the center but is located along the national highway. Barangay Sindol is just 3.5 kilometers away from the town proper.

According to the 2000 national population survey, San Felipe has a total population of 17,702.